Miele Gn Canister Vacuum Cleaner Bags 4pk


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Miele GN 3D Efficiency Vacuum Cleaner Bags 4pk

Miele Genuine GN AirClean 3D Efficiency bags feature a self-closing hole with 9 stage filtration, ideal for allergy sufferers. A 3D design allows them to hold more dirt by opening in the shape of a microwave popcorn bag.  Unlike traditional flat bags this significantly increases their abilitiy to hold more dirt. They also feature a protective netting for extra strength. Fits S400i – S456i, S600 – S658, S800 – S858, S2000 – S2999, S5000 – S5999, S8000 – S8999, Classic C1, Complete C2, Complete C3 series models. Also includes 1 pre-motor filter and 1 super air clean post motor filter. Genuine Part – Miele 7189520. For optimum performance and minimal foul odour, change bag every 1-2 months or when 3/4 full. Store vacuum bags in a clean, dry place.

In The Package:

  • 4 genuine Miele bags.
  • 1 pre-motor filter.
  • 1 super air clean – post motor filter.

Fits Models:

  • S400i – S456i
  • S600 – S658
  • S800 – S858
  • S2000 – S2999 Series
  • S5000 – S5999 Series
  • S8000 – S8999 Series
  • Classic C1 Series
  • Complete C2 Series (not Compact C2)
  • Complete C3 Series