Bona Microfiber Dusting Pad Pro Series


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Bona Microfiber Dust Mop Pad – Professional

For heavy dusting, the electrostatic dust mop is a great solution for the quick pickup of pet hair, lint and other light dust instead of pulling out the vacuum.  Because of the electrostatic properties you can remove the light dust without it being swept up in the air as you would with a standard broom and dust pan.  Its “Super Electrostatic Action” attracts and lifts dust, pet hair, micro particles, and common household allergens from your floors’ surface.  Ideal for people with dark hardwood floors that requires a little extra TLC and is also great on any other floor type.

Key Features:

  • Electrostatic.
  • Holds pet hair, lint and dust.
  • Washable up to 300 times.
  • Safe for pets and children.
  • GREENGUARD certified non-toxic.
  • 4″ X 15″.

Best for Cleaning:

  • Any floor type.